Xerox WorkCentre 6655 Printer Review

Xerox Workcentre 6655: We test the fast color laser multifunction printer that can output up to 35 color pages per minute.

We are testing the fast and well-equipped Xerox Workcentre 6655, which features a large, pivoting touch screen and is ideal for small to medium workgroups.

The Xerox Workcentre 6655 is a high-performance multifunction printer for small to medium-sized businesses with high print, copy and scan volumes. Also a fax is standard. The printer works with fast 35 pages per minute – no matter if B / W or in color. Both the printer engine and the document feeder are equipped with an automatic duplexer, so you do not have to turn double sided originals by hand. Xerox has equipped the Workcentre 6655 with an extra-large touch screen that can also be swiveled – making operation particularly easy. Via ConnectKey (more on this below) the screen content and functions can be adjusted.

Xerox ConnectKey

The Workcrentre 6655 is one of the Xerox machines equipped with ConnectKey functionality; all Xerox compatible models can be found external link. ConnectKey is the generic term for ease of use, security and cost control. For example, special workflows can be placed on the display of the machines as a touch-button: Do you have to carry out a specific job over and over again, such as the scan of a document, which is then to be stored in the bookkeeping.

The Remote Control Panel can also offer a great advantage: From the PC, you can control the ConnectKey machines as if you were operating the touchscreen of the device. This is especially important for the administrator, who can set up the machines from the workstation. If a company uses multiple ConnectKey-enabled Xerox printers, you can clone the one-time settings of one device to other models. In addition, ConnectKey provides security because the devices incorporate McAfee software that protects against threats. The data of the integrated hard disk is also encrypted, as well as the mail traffic. ConnectKey also allows cost control and billing to different departments. In addition, the administrator can specify which departments or persons are allowed to perform which tasks. For example, color printing can be blocked for specific circles.

Xerox ConnectKey: The layout of the touchscreen can be adjusted, for example, to put certain workflows as a button on the screen’s home screen.

All-printer-review Conclusion

In our test, the compact yet well-stocked Xerox Workcentre 6655 did well. Especially one of the most important printing tasks, namely the pressure of a single page, the Workcentre 6655 manages particularly fast with just eleven seconds. Even large print jobs, such as our 100-page PDF file processed the Xerox afloat. Only with duplex printing, the tempo breaks a bit – but that can not be faster than the competition. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the Print Quality External Link: Texts are pin sharp, but that applies to most laser printers. However, in color graphics and photographs, many lasers have difficulty printing and streaking or coarse grid. The printouts of the Workcentre 6655, on the other hand, are finely rastered and without disturbing stripes.

Although the operation on the large touch screen is very easy, but we noticed a small discrepancy: The function “ID copy” Xerox has saved directly on the front page of the display. But if you search within the copy menu for the function, you will not find them there.

The replacement of toner cartridges is quick and easy on the front of the device. Although you only need to replace the image drums every 60,000 pages, the exchange is a bit more complicated. The image drums are accessed from the right side of the printer and are hidden behind the waste toner box. The black toner cartridge lasts 12,000 pages before you need to replace them – the color toner is enough for 7,500 printed pages.


  • CCD scanner
  • large 7-inch display (17.8 cm) with touch function
  • integrated, encrypted hard disk with 250 GB
  • real adobe postscript
  • Duplex printing and scanning
  • Xerox ConnectKeyexternal link


  • Only 1 year warranty

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