Seven new Kyocera color printers of the upper middle class

Japanese ceramics and printer specialist Kyocera is bringing four new 6000 series Ecosys color laser multifunction printers and three full-color printers at speeds up to 40 pages per minute.  However, there are other toners for each of the three tempo classes.

Three Printers without scan and copy function

1. Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn

It starts with the Ecosys P6230cdn, which will replace the P6130cdn. Like all printers in the series, the printing unit works with a ceramic drum and a speed of 30 pages per minute in black or colorprint. In addition to the large 500-sheet drawer, a manual feeder is standard on up to 100 sheets of paper or specialty media (such as labels or envelopes up to 220 gsm). Paper can be automatically turned in the built-in duplexer to then land in the 250-sheet output bin. The paper feeder can be extended by additional 1,500 sheets with additional cassettes.

Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn: 30-ipm printer with 500-sheet cassette and 8,000 pages of toner (color up to 6,000 pages).

The memory is Kyocera with a GB, which is not expandable in the entry level model. The printer itself understands the standard languages PCL, Postscript and XPS and can also output PDF documents directly. Datas can be either via the conventional USB port, as via a network integration via Ethernet or optional wirelessly via WLAN. The device itself also has a USB host port.

2. Kyocera Ecosys P6235cdn

The next follows with the Ecosys P6035cdn. The P6035cdn successor uses a 35 ppm print engine – its memory is expandable up to three GB. While paper handling and capacity are identical, the output tray accommodates a hefty 500 sheets – twice the number.

Kyocera Ecosys P6235cdn: 35-ipm printer with 500-sheet capacity in the cassette and paper output, and 13,000-page color toner (up to 11,000-page color).

3. Kyocera Ecosys P7240cdn

The Ecosys P7240cdn for around 1,200-1,500 will inherit the P7040cdn and has a 40 ppm printing unit – as the name implies. The most striking difference is the significantly greater capacity of the toners.

Multifunction Printers

1. Kyocera Ecosys M6230cidn (without fax)

For the multifunction printers Kyocera introduces the new Ecosys M6230cidn without fax for around 1,000-1,100. The device works with a 30 ppm print engine and gets correspondingly smaller toner cartridges missed – more on that below.

In contrast to the pure printers, the standard includes a 250-sheet paper cassette with 100-sheet manual feed with duplex function. Capacity can be expanded to a total of 1,750 sheets with three 500-sheet cassettes.

For operation, a large 7-inch color touchscreen (17.8 cm) is ready to take over the complete control of the printer conveniently. Data can be processed directly from the USB stick on which scans can also be stored if this is not to be done over the network.

A 600-dpi flatbed scanner is used for scanning and copying tasks. It also has a document feeder (ADF) for double-sided infeed of originals. The latter works with a reversing mechanism that mechanically turns up to 75 sheets one after the other to reach the back. Duplex copying is also possible with the duplex printer.

Kyocera Ecosys M6230ci Dn: Multifunction printer (without fax) with 30 ppm print engine and 75-sheet duplex ADF with automatic reversing.

2. Kyocera Ecosys M6235cidn (without Fax)

For about 1,200-1,400 follows the Ecosys M6035cidn our review – also without fax function. The 35 ppm printer is intended to replace the M6035cid.

In addition to the faster printing unit (and larger toner cartridges), the otherwise largely identical model is equipped with a dual-duplex ADF for 100 pages. The front and back of originals are thus read in parallel in one pass – this saves time and protects the paper.

3. Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn

For about 1,050-1,200 there is the Ecosys M6630cidn to purchase, which is equipped with fax. The successor to the M6030cdn is the 30-ipm print engine. Like the sister model without fax, the document feeder is also equipped with a reversing mechanism and the smaller capacity of 75 sheets.

4. Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn

The Ecosys M6635cidn marks the conclusion of the new releases and offers a 35 ppm printing unit for around 1,690 euros as a successor to the M6035cidn. The machine is also equipped with a fax and can feed up to 100 sheets of originals, from which both the front and the back can be read in at the same time.

Consumables and range

All new products come with a ceramic-coated image drum therefore, which should remain permanently in the printer. Every 200,000 pages also attracts a maintenance kit that costs around 600-700.

Unfortunately, Kyocera continues a tradition of toners that many other manufacturers do. Each model has different toners that are not compatible with each other. These are staggered by the printing speed of the devices (last two digits of the model name).

30 ppm class

The 30ppm models get TK-5270 series toner for 8,000 pages of black or 6,000 pages in color each. The scope of supply then includes toner with a range of 3,500 pages and 2,500 pages per color, which are not commercially available.

35 ppm class

The brisker 35ppm models use the four new TK-5280 series toner cartridges that are designed to print 13,000 pages in black and 11,000 color pages per ISO standard. Kyocera launches toner for 6,000 black pages and 5,000 color pages.

40 ppm class

At the moment, only the pure printer P7240cdn, which gets the series TK-5290 toner, belongs to the 40 ppm class. These then suffice for 17,000 pages in black and 13,000 pages in color. The printer is supplied with an 8000er black toner and three color cartridges for 6,000 pages each.

Guarantee and warranty

All printers are warranted by Kyocera for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase via an on-site technician.

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