Samsung Proxpress C4010nd and C4060fx in review

Samsung’s latest color laser multifunction devices in the high-end range bring up to 40 pages per minute on paper and have a lot of features on. The associated toner cartridges bring along high capacity, and the printing costs are quite favorable.

The two new Samsung printers are enhancements to the Proxpress C3000 series (printer-tested), whose representatives quickly printed Samsung Proxpress C3010ND and Samsung Proxpress C3060FR with 30 ipm. The new Samsung color lasers of the C4000 series create as much as 40 pages per minute. The Korean manufacturer offers the single-function basic unit Samsung Proxpress C4010ND and the 4-in-1 MFP Samsung Proxpress C4060FX.

In terms of price, Samsung has set the devices about twice as high as its predecessors. Was it the pure printer C3010ND for just under 400, the C4010ND version costs almost 800. The ProXX C3060FR multifunction device cost just under 870, while the C4060FX is available for about 1,900 (all prices MSRP). Thus, the new Samsung office laser in the high-end price range move and also the specifications, ranges and the processing of the printers point out that Samsung wants to use these Boliden Vieldrucker with high demands on functionality.

The toner cartridges have long ranges: the black toner lasts 15,000 ISO pages per 10,000, the three colors cyan, magenta and yellow. As with other Samsung color laser printers, the purchase price of the toner is low. In addition, the cartridges are again in the “all-in-one” design. The printing costs are also at a low level.

As with most laser printers, both printers are able to produce text that is crisp and sharp, and fine lines are not a big problem in graphics printing. Only with photos they are more difficult, but still fulfill their purpose. The speed of printing is high on both machines – but the multifunctional C4060FX manages many jobs faster. This is probably due to its stronger processor and thus the faster print processing – because the difference in speed results almost only from initial printing breaks of the single-function device C4010ND.

Tablet touch screen and weak scanner

The operation works on both devices almost without problems. The pure printer C4010ND has a two-line text display that is sufficient for its purpose. The multifunction device is a very large, powerful touchscreen installed – but it hapert something in the implementation something: The seven-inch screen is a fully functional tablet running Android. Accordingly diverse are the possible applications. You can download and install new apps from the Samsung shop, and custom developments are also possible with the XOA architecture. However, you often come across a problem: Many applications are not optimized for use on a printer screen. This makes entering passwords or using the web server on the device a bit difficult. The touch screen does not always respond as you would like, and you often have to wait for the device to be ready.

A bigger problem is the poor scan quality. While text copies look crisp, the quality of photos is mediocre. Because of the CIS scanner, it is only possible to read documents that are lying flat on top of everything – everything that is raised slightly above the scanner glass (opened book, magazine, 3D objects) is read in only slightly out of focus. These negative points – together with the not quite perfect operation on the tablet screen – somewhat cloud the overall impression of the Proxpress C4060FX.

Samsung Proxpress C4010ND (Printer) – Solid color laser with a strong software offering


Samsung Proxpress C4010ND: Productive high-speed color laser printer with plenty of room for paper.

That was positively noticed:

  • High printing speed
  • High toner ranges
  • Very good text print quality
  • cheap printing costs
  • large 550-sheet paper cassette
  • consistently good software (driver, status monitor, web server interface)
  • Tray full sensor
  • physical buttons for easy operation

That was noticed negatively:

  • Slow processing of print jobs – that makes the C4060FX much faster
  • No standard Wi-Fi

Samsung Proxpress C4060FX (multifunction device) – easy-to-use color laser MFP with many features

Samsung Proxpress C4060FX: Large touch screen, many functions and easy operation.

That was positively noticed:

  • High printing speed
  • High toner ranges
  • Cheap printing costs
  • Very good text print quality.
  • Large 550-sheet paper cassette
  • Consistently good software (driver, status monitor, web server interface)
  • Huge, tiltable seven inch touchscreen with many customization options
  • Fast dual-duplex ADF
  • High copy speed
  • Tray full sensor

That was noticed negatively:

  • Rather weak scanner
  • No standard Wi-Fi
  • Touchscreen operation hakelig, partly not responsive / badly optimized

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