Flsun 3D Printer Review

When it comes to 3D printers, there sure are many to choose from ever since 3D printing became so increasingly widespread. It is not surprising that why 3D printing is popular when it allows even a simple hobbyist to turn his or her ideas into reality. The same thing is what attracted me to this venture.

But from the first time I heard about 3D printing, I knew it is not going to be cheap. There is no way a machine capable of creating 3D cutouts of a design could be inexpensive. If I am going to find a good quality 3D printer, I should expect to break the bank. But that wasn't the case with Flsun 3D Printer, one of the top alternatives for budget-priced 3D printing machines.

What is the Flsun Delta Kossel 3D Printer?

As I said before, Flsun 3D printer is one of the good quality 3D printers available today that certainly isn't a splurge.  It is a great 3D printer DIY kit idea even if you only have a little knowledge on 3D printing, but not exactly a beginner. For this 3D printer, you need to know at least the basics since you are going to have to set it up yourself.

Features and Specs

What features and specifications does the Flsun 3D Printer have? After testing and inspection it, I got a good grasp of its capabilities and functions. In the following paragraphs, I'll discuss some of the highlights of this 3D printer.

Unique Delta System

The Flsun Kossel Delta printer features a competent structure as expected of the member of the delta printer. More than the competency as a printer, you will like that it is affordable just as I did. The printer features a distinct delta system, which provides not only a great appearance but also improved movement and printing speed.

In recent years, Kossel Delta has become quite popular. Its innovative and futuristic design is known for increasing the speed of movement and print of 3D printers to a much higher level. As with Flsun Kossel Delta, it features the basic design that includes everything needed for beginner-level 3D printing.

The printer has a frame constructed from aluminum alloy following US design standards. Along with that, Flsun Kossel Delta has a high-quality nozzle, heated bed, and a cooling system with a double fan that helps to provide better quality printing. Thanks to these, Flsun can give an accurate and stable printing process.

Standard LCD Screen with Scroll Knob

The printer comes with a standard LCD screen designed with a scroll knob. With the knob, it makes it easy for the user to interact with the printer without any hassle. As for how to assemble and operate the machine, you have nothing to worry about since Flsun comes with video instructions.

Easy-to-Understand Instructions and Excellent Upgrades

The guide is a lot easier to understand than other machines with only written instructions. Besides this, Flsun comes with excellent upgrade values including PSU, Linear Guide, and Heatbed. I liked this feature of the machine since it means the printer can be further improved and do plenty of other things.

Larger, Circular Print Area and Other Features

Flsun boasts of a large, circular print area along with a reliable extruder. Furthermore, it features an MK3 hotbed proven to help make printing ABS and PLA a hassle-free process. Another notable feature of the printer is the auto-leveling system. Thanks to this, the constant calibration is significantly reduced.

Besides I mentioned, there is also the printer's spool holder as well as the guide located at the top of the machine. These two important features provide the Kossel Delta's obvious reduced physical footprint. As it said before, while the machine comes unassembled, it is easy to assemble it thanks to the easy-to-follow assembly and calibration instructions.

Other Notable Features

  • Bearing, screws, nozzle, radiating pipes, and synchronous wheel made by high-precision CNC Lathe machine
  • Double Fan Cooling system to cool the hot end of the heat sink and the other to cool the printing filament
  • European 2020 Aluminum Frame Parts
  • High-tensile corner parts upgraded to injection model
  • Smoother movement due to stainless steel gears, rail rods, bearings, and connectors
  • Metal pulleys that provide increased performance and functionality
  • Up to 150mm/s maximum print speed
  • Synchronous 2GT-6
  • Multi-filaments compatibility

What's Inside the Box?

After getting the package, I received a comprehensive kit containing a heated bed, double fan meant for the effector, double fan cooling system to be used for the board, SD card, LCD display, filaments, tools, and masking tape. Additionally, the kit includes a sample PLA filament. Here is a breakdown of what I received after opening the box:

  • Double fan system designed to make sure I will have stable and higher quality printing.
  • LCD display that allows me to print even when offline.
  • SD card that includes pre-loaded model files and slicing software.
  • Heated bed with a12V/20A power switch.
  • Multiple filaments such as ABS, PLA, conductive PLA, metal composites, wood composites, and dissolvable PVA.

The Flsun Kossel Delta 3D Printer is a complete DIY kit with everything I needed for a 3D printer included in one package. When you receive the product, all that is left to do is to assemble it, and you can already start printing. After opening the box and knowing I didn’t need anything else to start, I was glad because I can move on quickly to trying out some prints.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Hassle-free printing process
  • Comprehensive kit
  • Durable
  • Large print size
  • Stable and accurate printing


  • Needs some tweaking and adjustments

The Verdict

As far as I can say, the Flsun 3D printer is a great buy. They say it is an excellent choice for those with little knowledge, but I do believe it is much better for someone with more 3D printer experience. It definitely needs patience since this is DIY, which means there will be plenty of adjusting and tweaking. You need to understand it well for the printer to work correctly.

Overall we think it’s a great 3D printer. Do you also think it is? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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