Top 11 Beard Oil Benefits

Beard Oil Benefits

Beard oil

In a world full of beard grooming products, beard oil is one of the few products that about covers all the beardmen’s needs. So what are some beard oil benefits?

The main function of any beard grooming product should be to keep the beard healthy, but beard oil goes far beyond just keeping your beard healthy, it also provides some other distinct benefits that you won’t find anywhere else, in the same combo.

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Beard Oil Benefits

11. Nourishes and hydrates beard and skin

Beard oil is an excellent moisturizer. It not only keeps the beard soft and manageable, it also prevent dryness of the hair. As beard hair grow longer, they become more prone to dryness. Beard oil keeps them wet and soft and also contain other natural oils that when absorbed into the skin, provides nourishment and vitality. This nourishment makes the beard to look even better.

10. Eradicates itching and beardruff

When beards dry up, they become itchy and uncomfortable. This leads to beardruff, which is dandruff in the skin your beard grows on. Dandruff happens when the dryness in hair reaches the skin. This causes the skin to flake and itch. Beard oil contains just the right oils that keep the beard and the skin moisturized and healthy .

9. Makes hair more manageable

Some men like to comb and style their beard to the shape of their face or some other trendy style, some prefer to let it go wild. There’s really no right or wrong. Beard oil however, makes the hair supple and soft and tames flyaway hairs which allows those who prefer to style their hair to do so without a raging battle. Beard oil also keeps the beard soft so your comfortable with it all day.

8. Keeps your beard smelling good

As another beard oil benefits, most products are scented. This gives a distinct advantage over cologne and aftershave. Your beard will smell amazing, clean and fresh. And depending on the product, may last the whole day.

Oils responsible for this amazing beard oil benefit includes, peppermint, lavender, Rosemary, cedarwood and patchouli among others.

7. Boosts beard growth

Though there are a number of beard products that claim to be able to make your beard grow at impossible rates,  this is often not the truth. However, beard oil prevents dryness and brittleness of hair which allow them grow longer without breaking off. It also Nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles which then produces stronger , healthier beards. If you’ve got beard that grows in patches, beard oil might be just the thing that’ll even it even it out.

6. Stops inflammation and pores

Certain skin types react horribly to the effects of harsh elements like shampoo, conditioner, aftershave or just the harshness of the weather. Beard oil doesn’t clog pores or interfere with the natural oils the skin secrets, if anything, it supplements it. The gentleness of beard oil is good reason to apply it after your beard has gone through the harshness of the other chemical based products.

5. Controls aging

Constant use of beard oil keeps the skin moisturized and nourished. Beard oil also increases the quality of hair produced by the hair follicles. This continued maintenance of the hair follicles and hair increases drastically the life span of young looking beard.

It’s not news that beards make guys look 1000 times more manly and matured, but poorly kept or ragged beard has the opposite effect. So its good practice to keep your beard looking healthy and clean at all times.

4. Acne check

When beards dry out, its causes the formation of acne or bumps. These are pockets of trapped sebum that makes skin look horrible. Beard oil penetrates hair follicles and clears them out, leaving your face looking smooth, rich and shiny.

3. Stops breakage

Usage of shampoo and washing may strip the hair of its natural protective oils which when dried, will cause the hair to break. Usage of beard oil supports the hair shaft and coats it with protective oils which keeps it firm and prevents breakage.

2. Made from natural material

Most beard oils attempt to reproduce the natural oils the beard produces, thus they are made from all natural materials. Such materials include jojoba oil, which is an excellent moisturizer, fights acne and is natures closest second to the sebum naturally secreted by your sebaceous glands.other essential oils include bergamot, cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, lavender, lemon, peppermint, pine, pachouli and sage among a host of others.

1. Promotes skin regeneration and healing

During grooming and shaving, you may acquire some cuts and scratches. Some of the natural components of beard oil contains natural almost magical healing agents. Like tea tree oil.

Without question, beard oil is one of the best beard care cosmetic products. There are others including beard wax and beard balm among others.

We just gave you beard oil benefits, other beard products have their benefits too. So its a good idea to do proper research on the internet before placing any orders.

Its also worthy of note that beard oil is widely recommended for men with shorter beards. This is the time when the beard doesn’t need much in the way of support but is prone to dryness, itching and beardruff. Beard oil is excellent at dealing with these kind of problems.

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