doTERRA Beard Oil Product Review

doTERRA Beard Oil

doTerra Beard Oil is one of the best beard products that I have ever used. Before using this product my skin and beard both were a mess. I have a sensitive skin and it always itches. Also, my beard had flakes and its hair was rough, unruly and not so shiny.

I found Dottera Beard Oil on an online review, and I thought to give it a try. After ordering it and using it regularly for nearly 1.5 months the results were 100% satisfactory.

I am writing this to share my experience of Dottera Beard Oil, its benefits and why you should try this oil.

100% Chemical Free Oil

DoTERRA is basically an essential oil which can be used for all purpose. As I have a sensitive skin, it gets worse when I apply products with chemicals or inorganic ingredients. But Doterra Beard oil is extracted from plants. These plants are harvested at the perfect moment and their extracts are free from chemicals and harmful artificial colors.

Once the oils are extracted these oil are tested by the manufactures to ensure the quality plus their reactivity to different skin type. And it's proven that doTTERA beard oil is good for all skin types. The ingredients used in this oil makes it pure, safe and effective for dry & rough skin type.

doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil - 15 mL

Benefits of doTTERA Beard Oil

The doTERRA essential beard oil is manufactured to give your beard and skin a moisturized smooth texture. The product is safe to use both internally and externally. The ingredients in this oil are beneficial to boost up your immune system plus the nutrients present in the doTERRA essential oil supports your nervous functions too.

In addition, doTERRA Beard Oil Is perfect for hair growth and strength. Because the components of this essential oil support Healthy Cellular functions which means rapid hair growth, with thick and shiny hair. doTERRA beard Oil is very effective to reduce and improve the skin (underneath beard) imperfections such as itching, dryness and even blemishes and rejuvenate your skin.

Fragrance and Easy to Use:

One thing which I love about this essential oil is its relaxing and soothing warm, spicy, and clean fragrance that is unlike other hair is not stinky. Also, the consistency of doTERRA beard oil is very good, and it's not sticky at all. You can apply the oil directly to your hair or skin or drink it.

Just take 2-3 drops of the doTERRA Beard Oil and either massage it onto your skin and beard or mix it in a warm water and drink it. You can also make a small capsule (1-2drops of oil). Either way, the oil not only helps you with your beard and skin problems but also support your immune and nervous functions.

It comes in a small bottle (1 Oz) with a dripper which makes it easier for you to apply or put into water r capsule. It is not expensive at all, its price varies with the amount you are buying. The smallest 5ml bottle of this oil is a little expensive though, but worth the price.

If you ask me whether to use this oil or not, I'll surely recommend you to try this oil. But before using the product make sure to take advice from your physician if you have any other medical problem.


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