Beard Oil Before Bed: Should You Do It?

Beard Oil Before Bed: Should You Do It?

It’s no news that your beard can be the long awaited game changer for your hunting game. And by hunting, I mean women, not impalas. A recent survey shows girls are more likely to date men with a beard than men without it. Why? Simple; men with beard look typically like alphas. They look more majestic and powerful, able to provide for and protect their families. Which is what she’s unconsciously wondering when she looks you head to foot. But to achieve a beard like this, should you use beard oil before bed?

Beard oil

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To you new beardsmen or old beardsmen who wants to add a bit of knowledge, beard oil is a mix of other component oils that’s specifically designed to give your beard a soft, scented, shiny and healthy vibe.

Most well equipped beardsmen use beard oil. Beard oil is excellent if you want to give your beard that soft, shiny, healthy, scented and silky vibe. Those adjectives are almost all the reasons why most people would want to use any beard care product in the first place. But the most important factor amongst those listed above is that it keeps your beard healthy. Healthy beard looks great always irrespective of what products you use, as long as  health is your main focus, you can’t go wrong.

Beard oil is composed of three major ingredients, which are carrier oils, essential oils and vitamin e. Carrier oils form the base on which everything else stands because some essential oils are harmful to your beard. The most popularly used carrier oil is jojoba oil, mainly because it is nature’s next best substitute to the sebum the sebaceous glands naturally secrets to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Carrier oils can be up to 99% of the entire quantity of beard oil. Its also worthy of note that jojoba oil is an all natural product which gives it tremendous health benefits.

Essential oils

essential oils

Essential oils are responsible for the magic most beard oil brands claim to perform. They are added to boost the functionality of the product. Those magic tricks include anti aging, increased rate of beard growth, stops breakage, maintains color and perhaps most importantly, adds scent to the mixture. All these put together in the perfect proportion form a pretty formidable partner in your “beardsmanship.”

Some beard products have vitamin e. While there’s no such thing as vitamin e oil, it can be found in nature as well. Vitamin e also has explosive skin benefits. You’ll have to use yours to find out more.

Now, a lot of ladies like to ask men when they’re on a date if they can stroke their beard. This can either be a step closer to the bedroom or the end of the date.

She expects to run her hands through a   soft, silky, sweet smelling mane; when beard drys, it can be as hard as copper wire. Who wants to run their fingers through a pile of copper wire?.

When your beard can really hurt the ones you love, is when you’re in bed. Who wants to snuggle up to a pile of copper wire?, or have it rubbed in their face?.

These are especially good reasons why the beard should be groomed during late hours. In fact I recommend a healthy dise of beard oil after a warm shower before going to bed at night. Trust me, you’ll wake up feeling and looking like the demigod you are.

Reasons why you should apply beard oil before bed

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I wanted to do a list but what the hell.

First of, I want to warn you that there is such a thing as over applying beard oil. As long as you use a healthy dose, you’ll be experiencing some amazing benefits.

If you’re using beard oil as a treatment for beard dandruff or beardruff, it will speed up the healing process, because most of us just take our night baths and just crash unto our beds forgetting that thus is the time when our metabolism is at it’s peak. When you apply beard oil after a warm bath, your pores become open and receptive to the effects of beard oil, giving you the maximum healing experience.

If you apply beard oil during the day, you’ll be protected from dryness and itching, but during late hours when you’re asleep, nothing protects your beard and it drys up and your skin with it, leaving you right where you started in the morning. Usage of beard oil at night extends this protection throughout the night to give you an overall better smelling and more comfortable beard.

Reasons why you should not be applying beard oil before bed

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This point actually depends a lot on skin type, amount of beard oil applied per cycle, and personal preference.

If you’ve oily skin, you don’t want to be applying a greasy load of beard oil before you go to bed or you may soon find yourself worse off than when you started. Too much oil on skin can lead to a myriad of problems ranging from pimples to greasy beard.

Again, you don’t want to be applying too much oil at night, in fact we recommend a softer, gentler oil like jojoba oil. This ensures the essential oils contained in Beard oil doesn’t overdo it and leave your beard looking plain weird.

Again, we recommend the use of beard oil before bed, but strictly forbid its overuse.

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